That was marvellous! This is a quick thank you for your time and insights today. Many of the tips are practical, within our grasp and only requires our discipline.

Just wanted to reach out to thank you for the informative & thought-provoking session.

I just wanted to share that again as ALWAYS you are making a difference in a much needed world right now, and I appreciate you.

A very good session, so interactive, everyone in the room can relate to the topic. Excellent!

This was my favorite session. I found Tammy to be funny and engaging while being informative at the same time. I reflected on my own “compassion fatigue” and spoke about this session to many of my colleagues. Absolutely fantastic to hear that we are not alone, that healthcare can be challenging and stressful – good to know that others can relate.

Learning to take good care of ourselves is essential to helping our clients. We need to put efforts in this self-care endeavors.

Great presenter, necessary affirmation and permission to “fill up your cup” and set personal boundaries. Definitely took away positive thoughts and implemented them immediately. This was and excellent and inspiring session, and guessing that most in the room experience or related to how this was presented I feel everyone in attendance may have really benefited.

Thank you so much for presenting at our event yesterday! You had our group captivated, and sitting on the edge of their chairs listening intently. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We would have you back in a heartbeat.

Your presentation last year was superb! It was memorable, and made such an impact on St Martin Secondary students and staff who were present. The students in the hockey, soccer and basketball programs appreciated you taking the time to come out to the school, and present to them. The hockey players in particular, totally enjoyed it. I appreciate the effort you went through to make that happen.

I am still hearing positive remarks about your presentation last night. Thank you so much for your insight and relevant information that was well received by parents, students, and teachers. We appreciate your time and knowledge.